On-site testing specialists

Industry leader, carrying out diagnostic services on building structures for over 40 years. With 100 technicians specialised in all types of surveying, present throughout the country through 16 operating offices.


All about bridges

  • Load tests
  • Dynamic characterisation
  • state of degradation inspection
  • Bridge Method, il the software for automated bridge management

Abnormal loads

Abnormal loads are a source of concern for the administrations responsible for the road networks, with particular regard to structures that have been designed with loads and regulations different from the current ones or which have not been inspected for some time.


Specialists in continuous or punctual monitoring of cracks, subsidence, rotations, stresses, temperatures, humidity, wind, vibrations, accelerations.

Foundation piles surveys

Wthe newmethods CASE (dynamic) and TIP (Thermal Integrity Profiling), icombination with the load tests, static tests, Cross-Hole and SIT (Sonic Integrity test)

dynamic test on pile

Technical books

On-site investigations and laboratory tests on metal structures – 40 pages


Control methods for foundation piles -100 pages


On-site testing-280 pages


Manual for Assessing the State of Bridges, 2018 Edition – 317 pages


2018 technical standards for construction accompanied by explanatory circular 2019 – 814 pages


Material testing laboratory Bolzano

Our laboratories

We have laboratories approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to perform and certify tests on building materials, earth and rocks. The Laboratories perform key tests on construction materials (cement composites, hydraulic binders, bricks and steel), including the acceptance checks stipulated by the Technical Regulations and the main physical and mechanical tests on earth and rocks. Tests on bituminous conglomerates are also carried out in Bolzano.


Speedymet patented instrumentation allows the the resistance of concrete to compression to be measured just 18 hours after casting, thus bringing the result forward by 27 days.

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Construction of the 4EMME headquarters in Bolzano (2003)

Opening of 4EMME headquarters in Treviso – 25.05.2019