Tests and surveys

Load tests with PVC jacks or bags


Static load test on the carrier cylinder of the metal sluice of the bridle on the river Brenta at Stra (VE) owncloud. The structure was tested in the workshop where the work was carried out.


Surveys for the evaluation of the Rmc and static load test aimed at testing a span of the floor and a beam with PVC tanks smartphone pdf.


Load test using hydraulic jack and 5 displacement transducers on "isotral" slabs, a "sandwich" type wooden floor and a metal beam between two wooden floors musik kostenlos downloaden spotify.


Load test using 3 hydraulic pressure jacks on prestressed floor of net span of 7.60 m fira sans kostenlos.


Load tests on reinforced concrete slabs inside the Sellero tunnel on the S.S dreambox 800 hd zenderlijsten. N. 42 "Del Tonale e della Mendola" in the municipality of Capo di Ponte (BS).


Load tests with pull jacks inside the new industrial building in herunterladen. Roncanova Di Gazzo Veronese (VR).


Loading test with jacks on a wooden cover of the grandstand of the sports field inside the "Città Caldogno" in Caldogno (VI) happy herunterladen.


Load test with hydraulic jacks and inclinometers on a metal frame at Villafranca (VR) hallelujah sheet music for free.